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Farnsworth Elementary Weekend Food Kits (aka The Sheridan Story Project)

• Thursday, September 24th, 2015

Last year we formed a partnership with First Covenant Church andSheridan Story Poster Farnsworth Elementary to provide weekend food kits to children in need of supplemental food assistance through the Sheridan Story Project. The Sheridan Story is a non-profit organization that facilitates local hunger partnerships between local schools and congregations. As a facilitator, the Sheridan Story bulk purchases the food, puts together the kits, and distributes them to the local schools. The school and congregation work together to distribute the food kits into enrolled children’s backpacks during the school day on a Friday afternoon with the congregation providing financial assistance to pay for this food.

Last year GA committed with First Covenant to feeding 100 children. 99 children signed up for the program and we fed all of them! We gave out 1,909 bags of food and 7,667 meals for children to eat over the weekend. 1 in 6 children in Minnesota face hunger, especially on the weekends when they do not have regular meals through school for breakfast and lunch. Studies have demonstrated that hungry children have difficulty concentrating in school and focusing on their learning. Our goal as a community is to alleviate their hunger so our neighborhood children can focus on their education.

This year GA has committed to continuing our Sheridan Story partnership with Farnsworth Elementary and First Covenant Church. Our goal is to feed 100 children for the ENTIRE school year. (Last year we began in January rather than September). It costs $130 to feed one child for the school year. That’s $3.71 a week for a child to have a meal. 

Please consider committing to our children and making a donation this September to our Special Concerns giving which is dedicated to the Sheridan Story weekend food kit program and/or on Give to the Max date on Thursday, November 12th. More information will be coming about Give to the Max Day. Please keep your eyes posted.

Could you sponsor a child for a year ($130)? Could you commit to providing 20 meals to a child for a year ($74.20)? Could your family commit to providing 10 meals to a child for a year ($37.10) or even one meal ($3.71)? Every amount that you give to this program makes a substantial difference in the life of a child. Please consider giving this Sunday and/or on Give to the Max Day, Thursday, November 12th.

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