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Frequently Asked Questions

Who was Gustavus Adolphus?

Gustavus Adolphus  (1594-1632) led Sweden during her glory years in the Thirty Years War.  He was responsible for many domestic reforms which pushed Sweden from being just another Baltic state to being the most dominant power in the region. Gustavus became king in 1611 and ruled until his death in battle in 1632.

To many Protestants, Gustavus Adolphus is a great example of a Christian king. He stopped the onward march and devastation caused by the Catholic League and the Austrian Empire.

He fought for religious freedom in Germany, championed the cause of Protestantism and secured religious freedom for centuries to come. Gustavus Adolphus was a dedicated Christian, a Reformer-King and a great general. He transformed the art of warfare, changed the course of history and liberated Protestant Germany from the threat of annihilation.

Paraphrased from  Dr. Peter Hammond,