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Reform. All youth in grades 6-9 are part of GA’s Confirmation process. The curriculum this is based on a curriculum called re:form.  re:form is  rooted in historic Christianity, but speaks to kids on their level. re:form empowers youth to discover for themselves


What is Confirmation, really?

  • Learning faith in community
  • Finding caring relationships
  • Getting to know the living Christ
  • At the end, a moment to mark a passage on the faith journey.

What happens at Confirmation, anyway?

Confirmation is about re:form.  This new curriculum empowers youth to discover for themselves what they believe, through three components:

ENCOUNTER: Animated short films frame the tough theological questions that kids really ask, like “Who wrote the Bible?” and “Why does God let bad things happen?”

ENGAGE: A hands-on Anti-Workbook It’s a sturdy, full-color, wire-bound journal chock full of activities and ideas, with space to journal and doodle, and other extras.

For more information, please contact Sherrie Nordquist.