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Our Ministries


The Gustavus Adolphus congregation supports and sustains a number of ministries, many focused on our immediate Saint Paul community. We invite you to join in this work with us.

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Baptisms, weddings, and funerals are special and holy moments for all people. We invite all people to Gustavus for these important life experiences. If you are currently without a church home but desire to observe these special times, please know you are welcome. Please contact Pastors John or Amanda with your questions. 

If you are considering a wedding at GA, here is our Wedding Guide.

If you would like to be baptized at GA, or baptize a child,  you should reach out to a pastor, but we also have a request form.

If you are planning a funeral, we do not use forms. Please contact us and let us know what we can do.




As Christians, our job is to spread the Gospel of Jesus. Sometimes this means preaching the word...sometimes it does not. To the spiritually hungry, the Gospel is a message of love and grace...but to the physically hungry, the Gospel can be a loaf of bread.

At Gustavus Adolphus, we support a variety of anti-hunger programs, including Every Meal and Merrick Community Services

We share our campus with three immigrant congregations, providing affordable worship space. Monarch Montessori Preschool also serves young chuldren at GA.

We also provide low and no cost space to a variety of community groups. These are bridges with our community. If you are interested in knowing how your non-profit could utilize our space, please contact Rob

Children and Youth Ministries 

Kids are the lifeblood of our congregation! The Education staff and volunteers work with children from birth through 12th grade in specialized programming.  If you and your kids haven't connected with the Children, Youth, and Family programs at Gustavus yet,  contact Sherrie Nordquist, the Director of Christian Education, to find out more! From Sunday school to Wednesday night programming to Vacation Bible School and more!

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Adult Education is a ministry at Gustavus Adolphus that focuses on extending Christian education past high school to be a life-long opportunity. This learning happens in a variety of ways, including weekly Bible study, book studies and workshops. 

The Adult Education committee works with presenters from within our congregation as well as members of our community and region to inform and educate on a wide variety of topics important in our lives as followers of Christ.  This has included issues like understanding other faith traditions, poverty, middle-east peace, aging gracefully, sustainable agriculture and food production/consumption, among many others. If you are interested in learning more about these ministries please contact Sherrie.

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